Nanostuffs's Rapid Implementation Model

How It Works?

Keeping aside the documentation, project plan, agile, scrums, etc ... we bring a team in front of you which is par excellence, especially with the two founders/programmers of Nanostuffs (Nishant Bamb & Ankita Chordia) keenly involved & taking the entire responsibility of making sure your project is delivered within less than 25% of the, otherwise planned, schedule. This is entirely in-person development with you & us sitting together, sharing requirements & we churning out the development right in front of the stakeholders. Take feedback, make changes, test & deploy & move to next feature. This all is possible because of the Rapid Development Model has devised, where it takes literally less time to implement things than documenting/planning it.

Technology Supported?

Please note, this model is only applicable for Projects & not for building Mobile Apps. We have actually been pretty successfull at this & making a lot of customers excited to see results immediately & make their aspirations live by being part of the process & quickly achieve & put it in action. Please contact us & we'll glad to study to your requirements, Free Of Cost, and confirm if we can deliver in magic time.


No, we do not hate project plans :) but this is one of our most interesting offering for Customers who are on the verge of a do or die kind of a situation & wish to have some miracle happen.

CRM Implementation

One of our Guaranteed solution that can be implemented as per your requirements within just 1-3 weeks or less. Applicable for both Sales Cloud Professional & Enterprise Edition, no matter how many no. of Users. Module-wise explain us your existing processes of Leads Management, Customers, Opportunities, Sales Stages, Quoting Process, Inventory, Follow-Ups, Workflows, Approvals, Roles Hierarchy, Territories, Purchase Orders, Invoices, Reporting, Dashboards, etc. & we'll customize them onto Salesforce in front of you.

B2B Marketing

Have an interesting B2B product/service you are soon launching & need assistance with some urgent & smart marketing? We are now aware of all ins & outs of which is one of the most powerful B2B Marketing Automation tool available in the market. With a diligently documented about 40 tasks that needs to be completed for any Pardot Implementation, we guarantee setting up your Marketing Activities on Pardot within 2-3 weeks, provided all required data. With experience of efficient Lead Nurturing & Scoring systems implemented, our motive would be bring out lucrative Sales Pipeline for your Sales Team & increase overall engagement about your services.

B2C Marketing

Wish to send out a million 100% authenticated promotional or transactional bulk emails ASAP? Want to execute a large SMS Campaign? Need an aggresive & immediate marketing to increase visitors of your website? Want to amplify your Social presence & increase online reputation? ... Well we'll be more than delighted to assist you at such occassions. Its really exciting for us to work in such challenging situations & put in our best knowledge of Marketing Cloud (ExactTarget) to setup & execute a Multi-Channel & Cross-Channel marketing automation to promote your ideas.

Programmatic Buying

Have a good budget approved for Digital Advertisements but want to go beyond 1st party data? Need a step further from general Facebook or Adwords PPC Campaigns, Re-targetting, etc? Give us an opportunity to understand your Product, desired Audience Personas, varied sources for that Audience & then propose you on how Krux DMP can make a difference in creating an enhanced Audience for your Ads & using 2nd & 3rd Party datas to make your Ads to seen by more relevant eyes.

Social & Mobile App Customer Service

Do you have already have great engagement on your Social Platforms? Do you have huge amount of active users of your iOS/Android/Windows App? You ought to have an efficient Customer Service for these platforms. We have ready integrations to extract real-time feeds/mentions/reviews from your Social Platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Google+, etc) & App Stores (Google Play, iTunes, etc) & push them to Salesforce Service Cloud + Marketing Cloud Social Hub where your Support Team can respond to cases & take necessary action. If you dont have a support team ready yet, we also offer Managed Services where we can host a team that works behalf of your Organization to provide such Customer Service.

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