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Why DMP?

DMPs ensure the right message is targeted to the right consumer at the right time. Marketers are looking to increase effectiveness and efficiency. DMPs enable brands to unify data assets across silos.

What DMP's do?

Collect & Store Data (Online Behavior, Offline Purchases, etc). Unify Data to Single User ((The Salesforce DMP Universal ID)). Segment into Audiences & Activate.

Channels Captured?

Salesforce DMP serves as an Intelligent Marketing Hub, orchestrating valuable experiences across all devices and touchpoints - Direct Web & Mobile, Email, Digital Media, CRM, Emerging Addressable, Social, Ecommerce & POS, Beacons & Locations, etc.

Quality Data At Scale

Complete Connected People Data. The world's only DMP with a complete people data architecture with identity at its core.

Next Generation Platform

Completely modern nextgeneration platform, and a UI built for data driven marketing.

Marketing Intelligence

The brain of the modern marketing cloud. Machine learning, Data Science and Innovation from the center of the next generation marketing cloud.

Massive Scale

Born to be a DMP, built on real big data architecture, Salesforce DMP supports a 20 PB analytic environment that supports 200+ of the world’s largest marketers, and integrates all of their partners.

Data Science

Data science is the new measurement. Salesforce DMP’s platform powers data science applications, and enables the seamless transport of data and algorithms for any analytics application.

Klever Persona Building

Discover, analyze and incorporate 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party data into your custom audience personas. Leverage any combination of rules and attributes. Track segment growth and attributes at any time.

Klever Activation

Activate data programmatically anywhere across the open web. Break through the "Walled Gardens". Bring your own data directly to publisher sites.

Klever Personalization

Power dynamic creative optimization. Personalize customer experiences on owned and operated sites. Make every interaction count through personalization and relevance.

Klever Delivery

Customized frequency models based on media mix modeling. Understand delivery across channel, site, and specific partner. Frequency management controls to automate partner frequency capping.

Klever Journeys

Choose a KPI and discover the touchpoints that create success. Incorporate both offline data and website data. Uncover insights about journey length across audiences. Optimize channel mix and the power sequencing.

Salesforce DMP Advantage

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