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Salesforce for Healthcare

Get to know the person behind the patient with a panoramic view of each customer, connected throughout your healthcare community. Together, we can help you accelerate acquisition, enrollment, service, and innovation — so your team can focus on what matters most: patients and members.

Salesforce for Life Sciences

Optimized to handle the industry’s unique and fast-paced needs, Salesforce for Life Sciences helps medical device and pharmaceutical companies collaborate across entire ecosystems, get new products into market faster, turn valuable data into actionable insights, and revolutionize patient care.

Real-time Personalized Sales

Adopting of Veeva SFA for features like Mobile DSA, Closed Loop CRM, Recommendation Engine, Coordinated Selling, etc.

Agility & Innovation

App Rationalization & Modernization, Commercial & Clinical Apps, Process Automation.

Data Driven Engagement

Sales And Marketing Analytics, Business Operations Analysis, Clinical Decision Support Tools.

Personalized Omni-channel Service

Medical Info Call Center, Self-service, Omni-channel Support, Connected Devices

Proactive Omni-channel Marketing

All channels, brands and geographies. Multi-site, multi-language, multi-currency managed in one place and delivered globally.

Cloud Innovation Model

Patient Communities, Clinical Trials Communities, Partner Communities, HCP Commercial Communities.

Personalized Omni-channel Collaboration

Physician/Patient Journey, Multi-channel Marketing, Social Listening, Social Media Sites.


Connect HCPs, KOLs, MSLs, Patients, Clinical Trial Teams, Investigator Sites & Commercial Teams.

HCP Connect

Nanostuffs has helped companies connect to their HCPs (Health Care Professionals) through advanced Personalized journey with targeted insight, coordinate journey across Channels, Communities and real-time mobile tools.

Patient Services

Personalized journey with targeted information & therapies. Insight-driven engagement for higher adherence. Patient communities and mobile real-time tools.

Health Cloud Advantage

The Fastest Path from Idea to App in Life Sciences


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