Social Listening As A Service

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Nanostuffs provides variety of actionable reports for media agencies, brands and celebrities which helps media team to decisive actions on marketing campaigns by understanding the trends at every levels of brands, product line, categories considering various aspects apart from that standard reports generated by Social Channels stand alone. We utilize most powerful tools to generate reports and collaborate to provide one consolidated presentation in which we do analysis of the stats we have in tool to conclude the outcomes and give valuable inputs to the media team act on trends in real time manner.


We use powerful Digital Listening Tools like Salesforce Social Studio to keep an eye over everything that has been said related to a particular topic or an individual to analyze as well as notify the stake holders to act on immediate basis. This opens a possibility for Media team far more than they have understood by just Campaign performance monitoring just their official handles. We collaborate with media team to make sure they get to know all important updates immediately by choosing the best mediums like WhatsApp and other tools.


Nanostuffs has pool of skilled resources which 24/7 basis in order to make sure that consumer reaching out to Brands & Individual entity are well addressed in the most appropriate manner and more importantly on time what will be expected to maintain and develop Brands reputation online. We can use your social platforms to be connected with our Social Media Tool and create a process for our team and your technical team to collaborate towards serving the customers within expected time frame.